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A keresés eredményét lentebb láthatod. Ha nem találtad meg amit kerestél, akkor létrehozhatsz egy új oldalt a keresésed alapján Az oldal szerkesztése gombbal.


en:blog:vob_to_avi_using_mencoder_next_gen: 15 Találatok
2>$tagfile then \ tag=`cat $tagfile` rm -f $tagfile echo "+ setupaudio: user voted fo... " >> aids break ;; esac else rm -f $tagfile break; fi done done popd >... shd "$TMPDIR" > /dev/null flagfile="demux_lock" rm -f "$flagfile" fifos="" for id in $videoids; do... pv -N "demuxing" "$IN" | tee $fifos >/dev/null rm -f "$flagfile" rm -f $fifos popd > /dev/null
en:blog:vob_to_avi_using_mencoder: 14 Találatok
>"$tagfile" then tag=`cat "$tagfile"` rm -f "$tagfile" echo "+ setupaudio: user voted ... >> aids break; ;; esac else rm -f $tagfile break; fi done done popd >... shd "$TMPDIR" > /dev/null flagfile="demux_lock" rm -f "$flagfile" fifos="" #for id in $videoids; d... pv -N "demuxing" "$IN" | tee $fifos >/dev/null rm -f "$flagfile" rm -f $fifos popd > /dev/null
en:blog:stripattach: 7 Találatok
"$attachdir/$filename" "$savedir" #cat $attach rm -rf $attachdir rm -f $attach # rip attachment from e-mail tmpfile=`mktemp` tmphead=`mktemp` tm... cat $tmptail >> $tmpfile cp $tmpfile $file rm -f $tmpfile rm -f $tmphead rm -f $tmptail done rm -f $part done cat $file rm -f $
en:blog:cvs_home_dir: 5 Találatok
l cvs -Q commit -m `date +%s` popd > /dev/null rm -f "$CVSHOME_ROOT"/need_commit else cvshome_... -d repo -D now $CVSHOME_REPO" return 0 fi rm -rf "$CVSHOME_ROOT"/"$CVSHOME_REPO" cvshome_not... c 3>&- if [ `cat $corrfile` == "no" ]; then rm -f "$CVSHOME_ROOT"/update_failed fi rm -f $corrfile fi # check for changed SAFE files
en:blog:distroggize: 5 Találatok
." for host in $peers; do ssh $host "rm -rf $tmpdir" done } makeogg() { peerhost... b 64 -o \"$tmpoggfile\" - ; cat \"$tmpoggfile\" ; rm -f \"$tmpoggfile\"" > "$dir/$ogg" ; pop... W}$DIST_peerhost${C_GREEN}...${C_RESET}" ( rm -fv "$DIST_flagdir/$DIST_peerhost" ; "$1" "$DI... rhost${C_GREEN} finished.${C_RESET}" done rm -rf "$DIST_flagdir" rm -rf "$DIST_logdir" }
en:blog:periodically_mirror_remote_ldap_user_and_group_database: 4 Találatok
echo "+ (no entries)" | tee -a $LOG fi rm -f $tmpfile } do_copy() { echo "+ copying $1... echo "+ (no entries)" | tee -a $LOG fi rm -f $tmpfile } do_migrate() { do_delete $1 $2... up from $BACKUPDIR to $LDAPDIR" | tee -a $LOG rm -rfv $LDAPDIR/* >> $LOG 2>&1 cp -r $BACKUPDIR... up backup directory $BACKUPDIR" | tee -a $LOG rm -rf $BACKUPDIR >> $LOG 2>&1 || return $? } ( do_
en:blog:automatize_awstats_config_file_creation: 3 Találatok
]; then ps -p `cat "$lockfile"` >/dev/null || rm -f "$lockfile" # rm stale lockfile exit 0 fi trap "rm -f '$lockfile'" exit echo $$ > "$lockfile" awstatsdir=`dirname
en:blog:convert_video_dvd_or_iso_to_vob_using_mplayer: 2 Találatok
cp -v "$file" "$of"; done sudo umount "$tmp/mnt" rm -f "$tmp/mnt" echo "grabbing $titles_num titles.... v/null & pv $tmp/fifo > "$of".$num.vob done rm -rf $tmp </code> {{tag>util mplayer rip dvd mpeg
en:blog:archive_and_remove_files_older_than_a_specified_date: 2 Találatok
0 fi ts="$1" dir="$2" tmpdir=`mktemp -d` trap "rm -rf '$tmpdir'" exit touch -d "$ts" "$tmpdir/tsfi... oving files" ; cat "$tmpdir/filelist" | xargs -n1 rm -f ;} echo "+ done" </code> {{tag>bash archive
lecturing: 2 Találatok
gáció (cd, pwd) * Fájl manipuláció (cp, mv, rm) * Könyvtár manipuláció (mkdir, rmdir, rm -r) * Archiválás, tömörítés (zcat, zless, gzip,
en:blog:migrating_user_database_to_ldap_on_debian_lenny_and_openvz: 2 Találatok
w ******** -H ldap:// -f /tmp/$basefile rm -f $file rm -f $dnfile </code> To create home directories within the new VE the following small scri
en:blog:unpack_all_rar_archive_files_in_a_directory_tree: 2 Találatok
asetrunc.*.r(ar|[0-9]+)\$" -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 rm -f else return 1 fi return 0 } unpack_... gex ".*$basetrunc.*.rar\$" -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 rm -f else return 1 fi return 0 } find .
en:blog:remote_backup_of_an_openvz_host_using_duplicity: 2 Találatok
s "$snapdev" && do_cmd lvremove -f "$snapdev" rm -rf --one-file-system "$TMPDIR" echo "cleanup... t code $ecode for command: $@" cat "$out" rm -f "$out" } # normal command execution do_cmd()
en:blog:pdf2page: 2 Találatok
ools. <code> #!/bin/bash function switch() { rm -f pdfopt.ps mv pdfopt2.ps pdfopt.ps } pdftop... switch ps2pdf pdfopt.ps `basename $1 .pdf`_2.pdf rm -f pdfopt.ps </code> {{tag>util ps pdf ghostscri
en:blog:monitoring_lsi_:symbios_megaraid_sas_raid_controller_found_in_several_dell_servers_using_zabbix: 1 Találatok
en:blog:sync_jpeg_comments_and_exif_comments_of_image_files: 1 Találatok
en:blog:archiving_trac_project_environment_into_a_zip_file: 1 Találatok
en:blog:enhance_images_for_ocr: 1 Találatok
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