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A keresés eredményét lentebb láthatod. Ha nem találtad meg amit kerestél, akkor létrehozhatsz egy új oldalt a keresésed alapján Az oldal szerkesztése gombbal.


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info=`info` videoids=`echo -e "$info" | egrep "^ID_VIDEO_ID=" | sort | uniq | cut -f2 -d"="` audioids=`echo -e "$info" | egrep "^ID_AUDIO_ID=" | sort | uniq | cut -f2 -d"="` #mplayer is unreliable: subtitleids=`echo -e "$info" | egr
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info=`info` videoids=`echo -e "$info" | egrep "^ID_VIDEO_ID=" | sort | uniq | cut -f2 -d"="` audioids=`echo -e "$info" | egrep "^ID_AUDIO_ID=" | sort | uniq | cut -f2 -d"="` subtitleids=`echo -e "$info" | egrep "^ID_SUBTITLE_ID=" |
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echo -e "$channels" | while read channel; do id=`echo -e "$channel" | cut -f1` name=`echo -e "$channel" | cut -f2` echo "<channel id=\"$id\">" echo " <display-name lang=\"hu\">$name</display-name>" echo "</channel>" done ... echo -e "$channels" | while read channel; do id=`echo -e "$channel" | cut -f1` name=`echo -e
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SIE CSS follows ?> * html div#fixme { /* this div ID sticks to the top of the browser window */ posi... eft:0; right:0; } * html div#fixme2 {/* this div ID also sticks to the top of the browser window */ ... right:0 } * html div#fixme-bottom {/* this div ID sticks to the bottom of the browser window */ p... :auto } <?PHP } ?> </style> </HEAD> <BODY> <DIV id=fixme2> <!-- a simple persistent logout button --
en:blog:remote_backup_of_an_openvz_host_using_duplicity: 5 Találatok
use everywhere - this should be an unique backup ID PREFIX="vzbackup" # OpenVZ configuration directo... s to '(100|230).conf$' in order to just backup VE ID 100 and 230 # all VE-s will be backed up if you l... ls do_cmd_real() { type="$1" shift 1 #id=$RANDOM #echo "executing command id#$id: $@" >&2 out=`mktemp -p "$TMPDIR" || fatal unable to
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iphdr.cid=event.cid and signature.sig_id=event.signature and event.\"timestamp\"> ti... and signature in ( select s.sig_id from signature s,sig_class c where s.sig_class_id=c.sig_class_id and c.sig_class_name in ( 'web-application-attack','attempted-ad
en:blog:migrating_openldap_database_with_samba_schema_to_slapd_2.4.x: 4 Találatok
. NAME 'sambaSID' DESC 'Security ID' EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match SYNTAX ambaPrimaryGroupSID' DESC 'Primary Group Security ID' EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match SYNTAX .1.7165.2.1.51 NAME 'sambaSIDList' DESC 'Security ID List' EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match SYNTAX 'sambaIdmapEntry' DESC 'Mapping from a SID to an ID' SUP top AUXILIARY MUST sambaSID MAY ( uidNumber
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vymmap/mapcenter"> <map version="0.8.0"> <node ID="_" TEXT="map imported from VYM"> <xsl:apply-te... xsl:attribute> </xsl:if> <xsl:attribute name="ID">VYM_<xsl:value-of select="@x1" />_<xsl:value-of
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$ts) { $curts=time(); $res=""; $res.="<span id=cd></span>"; $res.="<SCRIPT type='text/javascri
en:blog:convert_video_dvd_or_iso_to_vob_using_mplayer: 1 Találatok
wc -w` else titles=`echo -e "$info" | egrep "ID_DVD_TITLE_[0-9]+_LEN" | cut -f 4 -d'_' | sort -n`
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4" style="display:block;width:640px;height:480px" id="player"></a><script>flowplayer("player", "/_stat
en:blog:migrating_user_database_to_ldap_on_debian_lenny_and_openvz: 1 Találatok
000<gid<80000) to the LDAP database inside my VE (id:100). Modify this script to match your own settin
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[http://szakertok.irm.gov.hu/ExpertFactSheet.aspx?id=009771|IRM]] ===== Referenciáim ===== * Magya
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* [[http://www.wikimatrix.org/forum/viewforum.php?id=10|Share your experiences in the WikiMatrix forum
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