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A keresés eredményét lentebb láthatod. Ha nem találtad meg amit kerestél, akkor létrehozhatsz egy új oldalt a keresésed alapján Az oldal szerkesztése gombbal.


en:blog:unpack_all_rar_archive_files_in_a_directory_tree: 3 Találatok
name "$name"` rar x -vy "$name" "$dirname" && find "$dirname" -regextype posix-egrep -regex ".*$base... name "$name"` rar x -vy "$name" "$dirname" && find "$dirname" -regextype posix-egrep -regex ".*$base... -n1 rm -f else return 1 fi return 0 } find . | while read file; do for arc in $archives;
en:blog:vob_to_avi_using_mencoder: 3 Találatok
one already" >&2; return; fi touch aids tracks=`find "." | egrep "audio_[0-9]+.ac3" | sort -n` for tr... : executing command $cmd for all in "`pwd` >&2 ; find -type f\ | egrep -i '[.](vob|mpeg|mpg)$'\ | xar... INPUT candidates in $searchpath... " >&2 files=`find "$searchpath" -type f | egrep ".*[.](vob|mpeg|VOB
en:blog:archive_and_remove_files_older_than_a_specified_date: 2 Találatok
it echo "+ finding files older than $ts in $dir" find "$dir" -type f -not -cnewer "$tmpdir/tsfile" > "$... list" | xargs -n1 rm -f ;} echo "+ done" </code> {{tag>bash archive remove find date}} ~~LINKBACK~~
en:blog:cvs_home_dir: 2 Találatok
ktemp` echo "no" > $corrfile; exec 3<&0 find "$CVSHOME_ROOT"/repo -regex ".*/Entries" | while ... pushd "$CVSHOME_ROOT"/safe >/dev/null exec 3<&0 find . -type f | while read file; do diff -ruN "/
en:blog:remote_backup_of_an_openvz_host_using_duplicity: 2 Találatok
_cmd lvremove -f "/dev/$vg/$PREFIX-snapshot" } # find VEs to backup - call do_dumpve() for each do_work() { echo "running" do_cmd find "$VZCONF" -type f | do_cmd egrep "^$VZCONF/?[0-9]
en:blog:vob_to_avi_using_mencoder_next_gen: 2 Találatok
n for '$IN'" >&2 ; pushd "$TMPDIR" > /dev/null find "." | egrep "audio_0x[a-f0-9]+.vob" | while read ... INPUT candidates in $searchpath... " >&2 files=`find "$searchpath" -type f | egrep ".*[.](vob|mpeg|VOB
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" style="text-decoration:none;"><img src="/_media/find.png" alt="Audit" /><br/>Szaktanácsadás, felülvizs
en:blog:check_files_for_holes: 1 Találatok
ile sizes. <code bash> #!/bin/sh where=${1:-.} find "$where" -type f | while read file; do # appa
en:blog:convert_video_dvd_or_iso_to_vob_using_mplayer: 1 Találatok
e echo "error: source type unknown" exit 0 fi find "$tmp/mnt" | egrep -vi 'VOB$' | while read file;
en:blog:proxy_local_mysql_socket_over_the_network: 1 Találatok
ween virtual environments is prohibited. I had to find a way to proxy local connections to ''/var/run/my
en:blog:freemind_to_wikimedia: 1 Találatok
====== Freemind to WikiMedia ====== Here you can find a modifyed version of freemind2wiki that converts
en:blog: 1 Találatok
ng something I think is useful for others. You'll find random technical knowledge in this Blog so please
en:blog:xstreamwrapper: 1 Találatok
ehaus.org/|XStream]] in my way. Also here you can find a very simple example which can be used to save a
en:blog:automatize_awstats_config_file_creation: 1 Találatok
pl -config=awstats -update >/dev/null for cfg in `find /etc/awstats -name 'awstats.*.conf' -printf '%f\n
en:blog:distroggize: 1 Találatok
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