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en:blog:wainting_for_samba_mounts_upon_login_to_kde: 4 Találatok
ther important stuff (most notably my KDE Desktop directory) on a remote samba share. When I arrive to the of... ning it's useful to have KDE wait for the Desktop directory to be mounted, that in turn only happens after my... executable file named ''.xsessionrc'' in my home directory. The script uses ''kdialog'' to display a progres... r that counts for 100 seconds or until my Desktop directory can be found. Then it disposes the progress bar d
en:blog:merging_logrotate_d_files_back_again: 4 Találatok
an excellent utility to keep the size of your log directory under certain control. However in some cases it m... rapper around ''mergelog'' to have a complete log directory (containing many virtual host logfiles from apache) "anti-logrotated" into the current working directory. <code bash> #!/bin/bash if [ ! -d "$1" ]; then echo "usage: $0 [directory]" exit -1 fi ls -1 "$1" | sed 's/[.]gz$/
en:blog:migrating_openldap_database_with_samba_schema_to_slapd_2.4.x: 3 Találatok
more flexible (and at first sight a bit obscure) directory based one. The guide is a bit long so i've decide... NAME 'sambaHomeDrive' DESC 'Driver letter of home directory mapping' EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match SYNTAX 1.3.6... NAME 'sambaHomePath' DESC 'Home directory UNC path' EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch SYNTAX
en:blog:archiving_trac_project_environment_into_a_zip_file: 3 Találatok
dumps all usable information from a trac project directory, then creates a .zip archive in the actual working directory. The zip will contain all lists from trac, a dump... tmpdir=`mktemp -d` tracdir=/var/lib/trac.project.directory/ #dumps trac-admin "$tracdir" hotcopy "${tmpdir}/
en:blog:archive_and_remove_files_older_than_a_specified_date: 2 Találatok
nd archiving files older than a given date from a directory structure. <code bash> #!/bin/bash if [ ! -d "$2" ]; then echo "usage: $0 <timestamp> <directory>" exit 0 fi ts="$1" dir="$2" tmpdir=`mktemp
en:blog:playing_random_videos_from_a_directory_using_mplayer: 2 Találatok
====== Playing random videos from a directory using MPlayer ====== The following shell script plays avi, mpe... nd wmv files in a random order when executed in a directory containing files. <code bash> #!/bin/bash ls -1Q
en:blog:remote_backup_of_an_openvz_host_using_duplicity: 2 Találatok
ckup ID PREFIX="vzbackup" # OpenVZ configuration directory location - usually /etc/vz/conf VZCONF=/etc/vz/c... city cannot autmatically create # its destination directory, only ssh is supported for now DEST="ssh://$DEST_
en:blog:removing_accents_from_filenames_in_a_directory_tree: 2 Találatok
====== Removing accents from filenames in a directory tree ====== The following shell script can be used to remove accents from filenames in a directory and all subdirectories. <code bash> #!/bin/bash
en:blog:stripattach: 2 Találatok
> at 2005-10-05 # # Licensed under the GPLv2 # # directory to save attachments to: savedir=`mktemp -d -p /ho... tachments attach.XXXXXX` chmod 0755 "$savedir" # directory accessible via URL: savedir_web="http://www.trico
en:blog:unpack_all_rar_archive_files_in_a_directory_tree: 2 Találatok
====== Unpack all RAR archive files in a directory tree ====== I use the following shell script to unpack all RAR files in a directory and all subdirectories. The script supports both
en:blog:periodically_mirror_remote_ldap_user_and_group_database: 1 Találatok
} do_cleanup() { echo "+ cleaning up backup directory $BACKUPDIR" | tee -a $LOG rm -rf $BACKUPDIR >
en:blog:vob_to_avi_using_mencoder: 1 Találatok
-d "$TMPDIR" ]; then echo "FATAL: cannot create directory: $TMPDIR" >&2 ; exit -1 fi INIT_DONE="yes"
en:blog:convert_bind9_zone_configuration_to_a_hosts_file: 1 Találatok
[[http://www.openvz.org|OpenVZ]] virtualized ROOT directory (can be substituted as ''/'' for non-virtualized
en:blog:automatize_awstats_config_file_creation: 1 Találatok
elif [ -d "$1" ]; then # arg is a directory pushd "$1" > /dev/null
en:blog:distroggize: 1 Találatok
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